GSH Monthly TT, 15 April 2018, H10/2 Maidenhead Thicket

GSH Monthly TT

20 riders turned up to ride the 1st monthly TT on a fairly chilly but dry morning.
Huge thanks to Richard Stephens, Phil Hasell and James Churchard of RCC for helping with timekeeping and Ellie Hayden for helping with signage and sign on. Thanks to Pete Ganderton for supplying post race fuel and Ian Guppy for photos.
Well done to Ryan Davies for the win in 20:23 and Pete Ganderton for fastest Roadie after Laurence Plant fell foul of the TT/road committee! (see photo 😉)
Lydia Brookes just pipped Alex Ede (Chart) in the ladies section, both on road bikes.
Times below.

Ryan Davies 20:26 GSH
Simon Bowler 21:05 AS
Laurance Plant 23:05 GSH
John Sullivan 23:26 Westerley CC
Pete Ganderton 23:52 GSH
Adam Hale 23:52 GSH
Adam Vanstone 23:56 RCC
Danuta Tinn 24:31 MDCC
Mark Hughes 24:49 GSH
T Childs 24:56 Westerley CC
Sean Collins 25:02 GSH
Rory Finch 25:05 GSH
Dan Clipston 25:26 GSH
Paul Hartland 25:33 GSH
Paul Stern 25:58 GSH
Lydia Brooks 26:23 Les Filles
Alex Chart 26:47 GSH
Blackett Ditchburn 27:01 GSH
John Pryor 28:09 CATI
Michelle Ayres 29:31 South Bucks CC



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