ORRL Round 1 – ITT at Charlbury (H36/18) – 15th April

The entry details for the first round of the Oxfordshire Road Race League (ORRL) are out. As with last year, it’s a challenging Individual Time Trial on road bikes on the Charlbury H36/18 course.

Entry is open to all club members, however to count towards league points you’ll need a British Cycling Race License (and be 3rd or 4th category). You will need to pre-register (details on the flyer below). There are separate prize pools for men and women too, so really is a chance for everyone!

To give you an idea of the course profile, here is event winner Paul Elcocks Strava from last year. He’s offered the additional advice;

“The Henley hilly TT loop is a pretty good  primer- although the extra several miles of this ITT  really does make it a tougher proposition.. Its more exposed to the wind too. I’d advise a 25 cassette- or even 28..  climbs start to really bite second lap- speed can drop below 20k/h- you dont want to be leaning on low cadence with heavy legs, when you’re already in lactic city”